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DAMSK is a digitized company based in Milton Keynes that focuses on the web world. We believe that web design is not only a visual concept, but also a functional one. With the greatest respect for your individuality we provide custom-made solutions to promote your business and enable it to achieve its maximum potential by building successful digital stories for web & mobile.

A good brand image can be the greatest strength of your company, advocating your products, services, ethos, and integrity. We work with you to bring out the essence of your brand, creating a cohesive and consistent identity that is memorable, timeless, and exceptional. Work with us?

We design websites with conversions in mind, our websites look great, but each page has a clearly defined conversion goal. The goal might be to make a sale, to leave an enquiry or to sign-up for a service, but it is always there and always very clear.

Our web developers and designers use the latest techniques to design accessible and effective websites. Techniques like responsive design that allow your website to present naturally on a mobile device are of utmost importance for today’s website.

From custom designed websites in Photoshop, and committed to html and content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla and custom CMS, through to simple WordPress or e-commerce websites using stock templates or custom developed templates. Our web department has an extensive list of skills and techniques to share.

Your business relies on great design to connect with customers and help them realize the value they are seeking. Our process helps us discover your unique brand voice, enabling us to design a custom solution which creates value for you and your customers.

The future of the web is mobile. So it’s important that your web endeavors not only consider mobile viewing, but that they actually take a mobile first approach that is responsive to whatever device your audience is viewing your site. We call this “responsive web design.” Having a site that knows what device is accessing it and customizing the experience for that device creates seamless interactions for all of your visitors.